Its not just for skaters any more.

I spent the morning working with a buddy, hard ass grunt work pulling ivy and shoveling mulch. I do this about every Friday, keeps my core strength up and makes me remember how it feels to get blisters and splinters. I like dirty work.
But now, I am sun stroked, it was at least 80 up the river, no place for a coastal local.
I took a cold shower and sat out under my apple tree for a bit, pondering surfboards and shaping.
In the last year, my personal boards have gone from all longboards to one log and two hulls at 6'0" and 6'10". I want to do a gunnier board for winter but need to replace the triple 10' first, I need a board done by the 1st of October.
I guess I could hit Shelter and cough up 990.00 for the latest shape that promises to make me Tudor.
Or I could whip out a blank and just do it myself.
For 150.00.
No waiting.
Except for the resin to kick.
And it won't make me Tudor.


There is some surf at the moment, I got the heads up an hour ago but Stella is home from school and Crystal is deep in Bridge, Oregon.

Oh well, always tomorrow.
Maybe I should get started on a new board.
Yeah, think I will.
As soon as it cools down.

See ya.

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