Got some...

Excellent beachbreak two days in a row, yesterday was an 'almost' but got stoned instead on some good hash we made.
Now I am out of the water for the next four days, Crystal is off to Belly Dance Camp and Stella and I are heading a little south for some camping.
Like south of my back door.
Stella started 1st grade this week and for the first time in six years, I have free time.
I know, I don't work or do much else but shape, surf and chase chickens but with Crystal and I despising day care, one of us has always been home with Stella.
Now, she leaves at 8am and is home at 3pm.
Geez, its weird not having that responsibility.
So with all of this free time...right. them, 6 eggs a day right now, neighbors are happy and I discovered that chickens do make good pets. Stella and I were laying in the back yard at dusk last night waiting for the bats to show, we had 5 chickens gathered around our feet, roosting.

Well, thats the news from Rancho De Pollo...
Have a good weekend, see ya.


Surfsister said...

I need those school hours to recuperate each day from my child talking a hole in my head. Then I have the nerve to miss him while he's at school!! Go figure!

Retro hack said...

I don't miss her yet, well maybe when its time to get some chores done...slave labor ya