Where the fuck?

Yeah, been coasting...
A trip South, a trip North, tourists at the house.
Some surf.
Lots of surf.
No surf.
4 in the last three weeks.

Burnt on the whole blogging thing.
Not worth the time.

I was reading a few weeks ago about another 'save the fucking world' type idealist, ya know, the whole carbon credit buying, Patagonia wearing fuckhead who can't surf...that tipped it for me. He was begging for money so he can go to sea and study the garbage that is piling up.
There is nothing you nor I are ever going to do about the issues facing this planet.
Overpopulation is the root and as long as that is the end all, be all, forget wasting your time on such petty things as how much trash is in the water.
And all of the fucking little words you or I write will not change anything.
Not even for that one little starfish.
Buy a clue beggar and fuck fund yourself.

On a note closer to home...

Hey baldy dude in the purple truck...
You should watch yourself.
We are.
You seem to like to post surf reports.
And dig the OSP.
And if you don't back off some of your recent claims...I'm gonna get some vid of you surfing and post it.
You wouldn't want that.
So go easy from here on out and its all good.
Do what you have been doing and you will reap the rewards.
That's all I got to say on that.

The rest of you, carry on.

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