Wet weekend

As in rain, not too much but enough to keep me around the house more.
Finished all the repairs and then got to the SUP sanding, put it off long enough.
But as I carried into the shop, I made a wrong turn and loaded it up in the van and just went surfing instead.
Windblown 1' slop was all I could find but it was enough for some stoke.
I like the fact that I can turn the board around so quickly and not let anything rideable get by.
Rode some long crumblers to the sand, jump off and paddle back out to do it again.
I really like the way it surfs, a bit like a log, a bit like a fish with that wide tail. It bottoms turns in a very predictable push and likes to let me determine the line rather than it. I only fell twice while paddling and I can honestly say it was the sometimes 25 knot wind that did it...maybe.

Today is fitting nose and tailblocks to Mikes board and maybe getting the first glass on.
They are my first blocks so I will be taking pictures of the whole process.

Thats it fo rme, its early, going to check the surf but it looks messy out and its 32 degree's.

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