Been busy healing...I took my longboard, the one with the pinched rails, into my thighs last night and its tough to walk.
I did set out a new template and lo and behold, I find that the guys at PCProgress
have done the same board.
But awesome of course.Art by Stella

I like it as it relates to the Orangecicle but with the single option. The Orangecicle was too small for me but the 6'6" I am building will fit the bill.
Especially when its hooked up to a flex single.
In other news, I sorta got another order for a hull type craft but I don't know if I want that wave hog out on one of my 'catches waves by itself' boards.
I say by themselves because the hulls don't get leash plugs.
Not much more fun than swimming after your board and watching it glide into a wave and into the beach.
I wonder if the boards do that on purpose?
Anyway, rambling on here, life is good.
See ya.

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